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Welcome to the home page!

Thank you for coming to our website we created! This webpage was created to help out people who struggle with problematic friends. This site wouldn't be possible without Girls Who Code. Girls Who Code (GWC) helps to close the gender gap in coding/programming one girl at a time. This website was created as a project for our Omaha GWC club as a way to help the community and teach us how to code. This project took about 18 3-hour classes (54 hours total) to complete. This is the second year that GWC has been at Do Space, the place where we made the website. In order to decide what project we would do, the class first wrote down all the ideas we thought would be needed in our community. From there, we chose the best ones and voted. Finally, we split up into different groups and worked to make the website, game, and story. Eight girls worked on this project, and we hope that this might inspire other girls to work on other projects like this. We hope you enjoy our website!