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Q and A about friendship

Q: How do I know if a friend is problematic?/How do I spot a problematic friend?
A: (credit) There are a few signs that you're in a problematic friendship.

  1. Your anxiety is heightened. If you've ever noticed your anxiety rising around certain friends, they may be problematic. You might have a problem saying no to them, which leads to anxiety and stress around this person.
  2. They often put you down. They may not say it to your face, but there might be an undertone of them putting you down. Pay attention to comments about your life that come from them, use of sarcasm in a relationship, and disapproving remarks.
  3. You're pushed past your limits. Problematic friends often want to make the friendship focused on them, which is not necessarily a good thing. They won't exactly know when or where to stop.

Q: How do I get out of a problematic friendship?
A: To get out of a problematic friendship, just try to tell them how you feel. If they feel the same way, then you've done it! You're out of the problematic friendship! If your friend isn't so easily convinced that you should end the friendship, then try to just let the connection "fade out". Try not to talk to them as much, try to find new people to be with. Let the friendship die a "natural death".

Q: How do I find good friends?
A:Here are some suggestions:

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